National distribution / Logistic services

PROCER COMPANY SA offers for 20 years now daily deliveries toward different destinations, under time constraint ( delivery time from 24 h to 72 h) from one address to another at high quality standards.

Our company ensures the product flow between origin point and delivery point as well as a coherent and constant flow of products and services from the first suppliers to the final customers.

The complex process of procurement, stocks, storage, transport and customer service is almost perfect. Our company strongly believes in the “5 P” rule. The right quantity of the right Products at the right Placement, with the right Promotion and fair Price. We might add the right information that we offer to all participants.

We cover a large distribution area shared between HORECA, KA and traditional commerce.

Procer Company is one of the few suppliers that are able to deliver directly to KA.( key accounts)

As a reliable distributor we offer direct transport solutions for which the average delivery time is 44 H.

PROCER COMPANY offers customized logistic services. Our servies reduce cost and offer complete freedom for the clients to focus on developing their business.

Our storage can be your storage! On request, we offer additional services like: packaging, labeling and expedition.

Together with you we elaborate a complex logistic solution that includes procurement, sale and distribution.

And that’s not all! We offer post sales services. After your products arrive to the delivery point in the stores our merchandisers make sure the goods are visible to the customers and well exposed on the shelves.