Merchandising services

PROCER COMPANY has the oldest team of merchandisers in Romania and provides merchandising services for its partners for more than 15 years. At this time we are one of the few companies with a private merchandising system.

PROCER COMPANY has a merchandising network that covers the entire national territory and all the big retailer stores.

The merchandising network that PROER provides is completely different from everything else on the market and it has always been different due to our different vision.

We do not complete the procurement service that the retailers offer, we propose the best exposure, we estimate the stocks, propose orders, promotions and we analyze the feedback from the clients and competition. Our merchandising network is permanently connected to the headquarters trough the general and specific reports.

Our relationship with the products we promote is special, “friendly”. We always try to grow and develop together and identify potential market. The merchandising team is the best sales and promotion team, totally different from the competition. In our team personnel turnover, a phenomenon so widely spread nowadays, it’s almost inexistent.

The promotion activity includes sampling, competitions and customer awareness campaigns.